Thesis research, MA Graphic Design

As a designer, how can I communicate the idea of authenticity and value? How can I represent value in a design object? How can these abstract ideas be communicated through graphic design? When is it appropriate and what could be the function of such values?
Perhaps by defining a set of criteria, finding the “signifiers of value” which can be used, I can develop a helpful guideline for my design process.

After some research, I have found that the function of signifiers of value can be divided in two parts: utility and meaning, or logic and emotion. Utility includes concrete things like the tactile material form, function of credibility, and communication of information. Meaning includes abstract ideas like nostalgia and escapism, historical narrative, craftsmanship, and cultural identity. Many of these characteristics are also inter-related, and influence each other.

Further research might investigate:
How do these ideas find a place in contemporary design practice?
What does design for non-value look like? And how could that be useful?