Papers of Value
offset and screen print, 19x9cm, edition of 450 pieces.

As a designer, how can I communicate the idea of authenticity and value? How can I represent value in a design object that typically doesn’t have concrete value itself?
Perhaps by defining a set of criteria, finding the “signifiers of value” which can be used, I can develop a helpful guideline for my design process.

My aim with this project is to appropriate these signifiers and make objects of perceived value. The objects themselves are non-functional… Certain concrete information and their specific identity are not defined. They are intended to evoke a sense of authenticity and value through their material form and visual language. The method of presentation in shipping crates from the Ministry of Obsolete Aesthetics Analysis, along with stamps and shipping labels, encourages the viewer to construct fictional narratives of their origins.

Printed on a Heidelberg GTO with additional tactile screen printed details.



Before cutting.




Displayed in shipping crates.

Shipping label for crates.