Kiezel Ceramics
polystyrene, earthenware, porcelain, varying dimensions.

A product, brand, and web design project. Shown at Dutch Design Week 2016.

For this project, a series of ceramic tableware pieces were designed using a slip casting process. The aim was to make pieces that were cast using two or three colour tones, and experiment with layering the coloured material, which would then be perceivable along the cross-section of the rim. The pieces are simple multi-purpose containers that are stackable for easier storage.
There are five different models in total, with three different diameters, so that the models with the same diameter can be stacked, and the whole set is modular.
In the plastic modelling stage, a lid was designed for the smallest container size, but was not completed for the ceramic finals. (currently offline)



Five different models.

Coloured porcelain versions.

Stackable footing detail.


Transportation crates.


Logo parameters.

Plastic prototypes.

Design process.

Glazing process.